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Why Tanzania? by Raymond Barlow - Part 1

Written By onci on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 | 11:38 PM

Well, let`s say for starter's, the freaking place is un-believable!
Tanzania is an amazing country.  Finally, the government is
taking charge of poaching, controlling hunting, and
promoting tourism.  The wildlife resource is extraordinary! 

My recent tour to this country was a dream come true,
imagine - a trip to Africa, and it`s your job! We had five guests
to support my program, 10 days in several different areas
withing this country, Arusha, Lake Manyara, Serengeti NP
and Ngorongoro Crater.  All were awesome in their own way. 
Our guides, Nas, and Nickson did a fantastic job., Nas and
his wife Donna own this tour company as they specialize
in preparing tours for photography groups.  The lodges, driving,
wildlife knowledge, skills are amazing.  And both of these guys
love to take pictures!

After 14,000 frames I did learn a few things about photography
in Tanzania.  One issue is we are restricted to life in the
safari truck while around dangerous animals... makes
sense, but I want out!

On a few occasions I was permitted to leave the vehicle,
and get down low for the right angle, but for the most part,
shooting took place from the top opening, or through the window.

Most of the time this works fine, but there are times when
we are just too close, and shooting down to our
subject was not the best angle.  

Next, I found the weather fantastic in February.  Warm afternoons,
and cool evenings. We were amazed that none of the
accomadations had air-conditioning!  I guess we
are at just the right altitude!  But! Sunscreen is needed... as
we are very close to the equator, and during mid day
you need to be careful.

Flies are not as much of a problem as I expected.  When we
were around  large wildebeest herds, the flies were a bit
annoying, but we were able to deal 
with them, and bug spray did not seem to help.

One thing that amazed me was how calm all the animals were,
when we got close! Some lions were resting road side, and our
driver, Nas, had to make sure he didn`t run over their 
paws!!  They just didn`t bother moving!  Talk about relaxed!

ok, so this will be continued in a bit, there is a lot to
tell about this trip, 
so please come back for more next time.

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