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Written By onci on Sunday, July 12, 2009 | 12:53 AM

The Kwik Camo Blind, by Jerry Peltier

ESSENTIAL #1 Wildlife pro-am photographer accessory.

(Thanks to Jason Telasco for this image)

I've been into wildlife photography now for a couple years, and I just love being in the outdoors. The great challenge everyday while you’re in the field hunting for that subject to photograph, hoping you get a good angle with the right light and your close enough for that perfect shot.

I'm shooting with the Nikon D300, 300mm f2.8 with the Tc's 1.4, 1.7 & 2x.on a tripod with a good head mount. Everyone I know that's into bird photography starts talking spring warbler migration near the end of the winter months. Great photo ops here, as the temperatures start to rise, I'm out scouting some good areas to set up my "Kwik Camo" blind for the first time ever shooting from a blind.

I will have a good spot picked out on the edge of the marsh for my first day of spring. I get to the area 1 hour before sun up, to get things all set. I sit down on the chair, then just put the blind over your head, drop it down around yourself, put your lens through the opening, that has Velcro the entire 61/2 foot height of the blind, it also has an opening on top for a flash & bracket, also a screened area for sight. There are two openings for your arms on either side for moving the tripod or adjusting your flash.

Now the anticipation, you’re ready, the sun starts coming up. Within the 1st hour I have a pair of Green-winged Teals fly in and start dabbling right in front of me full frame, they are looking right at me as they hear the shutter firing, and they just carried on. Then a pair of Blue-winged Teals drop in, then another pair swims in along the shoreline. I was pumped, and very excited and getti
ng some great shots!

Another tip I read on a tutorial about the blind was to carry some cloth pins to gather up the loose material that may be flapping in the wind.

I decided to head for the opposite side of the marsh and get set up for some low light shots. Once I was set up, I had 3 Great Egrets land to my right. After a while, one of them made its wayright in front of me and it just couldn't figure out what all that clicking sound was! Then he saw something move and flew out a bit and I was able to capture a great sequence of him catching a frog. Wow!

That was cool. I hope you enjoyed the experiance`s I had in the blind this year. It will be the best investment you can ever make, just get it! I can’t wait for my next adventure, and the close-up encounters with wildlife..........

Good luck in the field everyone! All the best.

Jerry Peltier

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