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Written By onci on Thursday, June 25, 2009 | 11:24 PM

Nature Photography Supports Black Bear Conservation Efforts. by Ashley Hockenberry

Since Black Bears are so plentiful in Ontario, it might surprise us to learn that their population and habitat have become largely diminished in certain parts of North America, where they once roamed in significant numbers.

I have enjoyed both viewing and shooting digital photos of Black Bears on various trips to Northern Ontario. After thinking about my images, I contacted various groups supporting bear conservation offering my images to support their conservation efforts and to raise awareness abut Black Bears.

One such group, Black Bear Conservation Committee (BBCC) of Baton Rouge, Louisiana responded to my request and use framed prints of Black Bear images in its annual Banquet/Fundraiser Auction to raise money for continued research, bear management and education programs for the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and east Texas. I was glad to help and to know my images were helping in this cause.
Some time later I was contacted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation (FWCC) Commission which was in need of Black Bear images to use in a brochure it was printing to distribute to the public for the purpose of increasing bear awareness, conservation and safety. Again, I was glad to be of service.

It is important to keep in mind that the images you capture in your wildlife and nature photography can be extremely valuable in protecting the very species and habitat you enjoy so much and help preserve it for future generations.

Ashley Hockenberry
Pickering, Ontario

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